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Signs are everywhere. They sit at the sides of roads, are plastered over vehicles, and can be found in just about any shop in the United Kingdom. Their purpose? Some would argue the primary function of signage is to inform, but there’s always something else going on; generally, signs are designed to sway your thinking in one way or another.

Whether they’re trying to convince you to buy something, or seeking to augment the presence of a brand, the aims of business signs stretch beyond simply being informative. While you might not realise, you’re constantly being influenced in a number of subtle ways by signage, so we’re taking a look here at how and why retail signs are so important.

Brand augmentation

It’s every business’ dream to be top of the list when it comes to their potential customers’ thoughts. That is to say, if someone thinks of a sports shop, you want it to be your sports shop that comes into their head first.

An excellent way to affect this is by using effective signage. Eye-catching, distinctive designs go a long way when it comes to making your brand recognisable. To default to a somewhat over-used example, the iconic yellow “M” of McDonald’s is simple, easily recognisable, and just about everywhere you look. Even writing McDonald’s just then was easier because of the company’s superb brand presence; I knew exactly how to spell it because it looked right.

Inform, but stand out

As we discussed in the introduction to this piece, one of the functions of signage is to inform. In isolation that might sound dull, but consider all the people that don’t come to your shop because they don’t know it exists.

Returning to the sports shop analogy, should your potential customers not know that your more local store exists, they’re likely to go somewhere with a strong, established brand presence. Make it clear with your distinctive, visible signage that you’re a sports shop, and you’ve got a better chance of attracting more local customers.

Catch the impulse shoppers

According to data collected by Small Business, British people spend over £20 billion on impulse buys every year. More than 50% of British consumers admitted to having bought on impulse, which means there’s a market definitely worth tapping into. How, exactly, do you capture those impulse shoppers? Yep, you guessed it: effective signage.

Signs designed to draw the attention of impulse shoppers should both stand out visually, and clearly communicate what they’re advertising. That is to say, customers should be able to glimpse your sign and know exactly what it is you’re selling immediately. Once again, consider the “golden arches” of McDonald’s.

GPG Signs & Displays

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